“White papers are boring!”
Challenge accepted.

Weavr needed to boost leads and downloads for their new white paper on Embedded Finance.
The Challenge...

White papers (and especially white papers on embedded finance) are perceived as boring and dry. The challenge was to make the content engaging and humorous, transforming the traditionally dry format into something exciting and appealing to their target audience.
Services Provided:

Graphic Design
Social Media
A Hilarious Collaboration:

We collaborated with humor expert Paddy Gilmore from Studio Gilmore, who developed innovative and funny concepts to reframe Weavr’s white paper.

Not a best selling novel...

We used the humor strategy crafted by Paddy to play on the idea that the white paper isn’t a best-selling novel but is still essential reading for staying ahead of competitors.

The first step was to design a new cover for the white paper in the style of a crime/thriller novel.


We started by sketching out a series of ideas that played on the concept of being “unputdownable.”

We ensured that each element from the initial sketches to the final design, was crafted to be engaging, humorous, and, most importantly, engaging to the reader. This approach not only made the content more enjoyable but also enhanced its effectiveness in driving leads and downloads.

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Don’t put it down...

“Thanks again for the fab work you did on this project - really great!”