Reinventing the business
travel planning experience

We helped Tripism design a new ‘blended travel’ experience, enabling users to seamlessly book personal travel while still enjoying the negotiated benefits and perks of their business travel programs.
The Challenge...

Tripism aimed to create a ‘blended travel’ experience for leisure travel, enabling users to book personal trips while clearly highlighting that the benefits and discounts were due to their employment at their respective companies. The challenge was to integrate these leisure travel options seamlessly, making sure users understood that the perks were available because of their company’s partnership with Tripism, without causing confusion.
Services Provided:

UI Design
UX Design


We began by developing wireframes designed to prioritise clarity and ease of use. The focus was on creating dedicated sections for personal travel bookings, distinctly separated from business travel options. It was crucial to include prominent indicators that made it clear that the discounts and perks were available due to the users’ employment at their respective companies.

We also incorporated a centralised dashboard displaying all personal trips, benefits, and exclusive offers, with explicit notes about the source of these benefits. Detailed pages were created to explain each benefit, clearly stating that these perks were available due to their employment at the user’s company.

Visual Design

In the visual design phase, we aimed to make the interface both engaging and informative while maintaining Tripism’s brand identity. We utilised Tripism’s colour palette and typography for a cohesive look across the new features. Visually striking badges and icons were designed to highlight the origin of discounts and perks, ensuring it was clear that they were provided through the user’s employer.

To further enhance transparency, we developed interactive pop-ups and tooltips that explained the benefits and their sources whenever users hovered over or selected an offer. We ensured the interface was fully responsive, providing a smooth experience on all devices, from desktops to mobile phones.